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Faux Trailer: Hey Arnold! The Movie

DrCoolSex is back with a rebooted, live action, psycho-sexual Hey Arnold. Don’t say those undertones weren’t always there.

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This is just taking it too far lol

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Hey, why not?

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This would be a dope tee

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Harry Bliss submitted this sketch in 1997 in response to Mayor Giuliani’s reluctance to investigate the police who tortured Haitian immigrant Abner Louima — but, unfortunately, this picture stands the test of time and still resonates clearly today. [excerpted from Blown Covers]

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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* at fat trel

* and tyler, the creator

* more competitive rap year: 1999 or 2000?

Rah Digga pops off!

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New York City-based think tank and fabrication laboratory Collab is founded on a simple premise: Creative people work better when they’re in proximity to one another. The lab, located in a 5,500-square-foot loft near the Holland Tunnel, serves a rotating membership of designers, architects, scientists, and engineers—and is home to some really cool toys.

Collab members have full access to an advanced 3-D printer, a laser cutter, an industrial sewing machine, fully operational wood shops, and model-making studios, among other great tools (that would never fit in most New York apartments). Cofounder Adina Levin calls it “an interesting community of people that come together in a space and work on their own endeavors and collectively work on projects together.” Members have access to the space 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and are encouraged to work on interdisciplinary projects.

Collab makes creative tools more accessible!

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Link: Embrace your beauty, love your body!: How to love yourself


Treat other with love and respect

Bringing joy to other peoples’ lives will help you find joy in your own. In addition, those that you treat well will likely repay you with the same kindness. Gradually you will start to feel your worth through the smiles of gratitude. However,…

Words to live by.

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